7 Benefits of a Higher Education Applicant Tracking System

by William Tuck on May 12, 2023

HR software for schools has become a modern necessity. Here are seven benefits the right recruitment solution will bring to your team.

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Competition is fierce in higher education recruitment, and attracting and hiring the best candidates provides a significant challenge for HR teams. Traditional recruitment methods can be time-consuming, inefficient, and burdensome for HR staff and applicants. This results in wasted time and resources and causes you to lose out on top talent. 

Higher education recruitment software streamlines your recruitment processes to save your team time and frustration. It also helps you become an employer of choice by providing a consistently positive applicant experience.

In this article, you'll learn how the right education recruitment software can positively transform your recruitment processes.

What is a Higher Education Applicant Tracking System?

A higher education applicant tracking system is software designed to simplify and optimize the recruitment process for educational institutions. It makes things easier on your staff, so they can focus on what matters; recruiting quality candidates. 

Education recruitment software provides quick and easy ways to screen, sort, and filter applicants while maintaining compliance and equitable hiring practices. It makes recruitment faster and more efficient.

Here are seven ways that Insight, NEOED’s education recruitment software, will benefit your team.

Seven Benefits for Your Team 

1. Screen Candidates Quickly

HR software for schools can replace time-consuming manual processes for HR teams. With higher education recruitment software you can automate the screening, scoring, and sorting of applicants. Helping you focus on the most promising candidates from the start.

With Insight, NEOED's higher education applicant tracking system, you can quickly filter through a large applicant pool. Insight generates ranked lists of qualified candidates, saving HR teams countless hours of manually screening and sorting through them. With faster screening and scoring, you can get on to the next stage of the hiring process.

2. Broaden Your Reach

One of the key features of effective education recruitment software is the ability to reach more candidates. Insight allows you to cast a wide net by posting to multiple job boards from one centralized location. It's integrated with SchoolJobs.com, a job board filled exclusively with thousands of job seekers interested in careers in education. 

Publish job postings directly from Insight to SchoolJobs.com to reach a wide group of candidates and fast-track applicant submissions. Additionally, Insight provides the capability of maintaining an easily accessible database of past qualified applicants for future roles.

3. Better Candidate Experience

Providing a positive candidate experience is crucial to effective recruitment. Higher education recruitment software offers features that improve the candidate experience without burdening HR. 

With Insight, candidates interact with a modern, mobile-friendly interface. They can use a self-service portal to self-schedule exams, performance tests, and interviews. Your candidate communication also improves with automated texts and emails that keep candidates informed throughout the recruitment process.

4. Promote Equitable Hiring Practices 

Applicant tracking systems can be helpful tools to ensure diversity and inclusion in your hiring practices. Insight comes packed with automated features and reporting to promote equitable hiring and compliance at your institution.

Instead of time-consuming manual processes, use Insight to automate the blinding of applicant information and attachment redaction. You can run applicant and workforce EEO reporting and also take advantage of specific diversity tools. With Insight's diversity health tool you can ensure equity across all stages of the employee lifecycle.

5. Reduce Time to Hire 

Lengthy recruitment processes can deter qualified candidates. Employee management systems help you avoid this by automating steps in your recruitment process that reduce your time to hire.

Insight integrates with partners for background checks, video interviews, and assessments. You also get detailed reporting providing a clear view of each stage of your recruitment process. With the right data and analytics, you can quickly recognize areas needing improvement. Combine these features with quick screening and scoring and candidate self-service, and you dramatically reduce your time to hire.

6. Help with Hard-to-Fill Positions

Certain positions in higher education, such as adjunct faculty, can be challenging to fill. Insight can help by reaching more candidates and boosting hard-to-fill job postings. 

Insight has tools that can predict applicant volume and determine which jobs will fall short of applicant goals. You can then promote these postings to the top of leading job boards without leaving the NEOED product. By utilizing the capabilities of an applicant tracking system, you can overcome hurdles commonly associated with hard-to-fill positions.

7. Share Your Culture

To effectively recruit top talent, your institution needs to become an employer of choice. HR software for schools can help by giving you tools to share your culture and values. With customized career pages, and branding throughout your application process, you can connect with the right candidates from the start.

Your recruitment process is the first opportunity to demonstrate to candidates what kind of work environment they can expect. By effectively sharing your culture and providing a positive candidate experience you will stand out to top talent. Getting candidates excited about what you represent helps build a pipeline of applicants for future openings.

Discover more about Insight

HR software for schools is a modern necessity. The right higher education applicant tracking system ensures equitable hiring, provides a positive applicant experience, and accelerates your time to hire. 

Choosing a solution built for education, like Insight, ensures you can meet the nuanced challenges of higher education recruitment. Learn more about the features that will help your team recruit more efficiently by visiting here

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