Meet Attract, the All-New Candidate Relationship Manager

by NEOED on September 08, 2022

NEOED is excited to officially announce the launch of Attract, the complete candidate relationship manager built for the public sector! 

Designed to help public sector HR teams meet today’s significant hiring challenges, Attract is a powerful modern recruitment solution to effectively capture candidate leads, manage relationships, automate communications, and measure engagement data.

As the latest addition to NEOED’S Recruit module, Attract seamlessly integrates with the applicant tracking system, Insight, to provide education and government HR professionals with a comprehensive solution to manage the entire candidate experience and build their employer brand.

Public sector organizations today must cultivate sustainable recruiting strategies to secure qualified candidates in a highly competitive job market. Attract captures candidate leads across various sourcing channels, nurtures relationships through automated and personalized communications, and measures engagement data to optimize hiring processes. With a new feature coming in 2023, the CRM will enable educational institutions to cast a wider net by searching and mining a database of thousands of job seekers via, the leading education job board by NEOED.

"We have found this tool instrumental in re-shaping our recruitment philosophy. The ability to proactively source candidates and launch engagement efforts is imperative right now amid a very competitive job market,” said Jared Hanson, HR Program Manager with the State of Wyoming Department of Administration & Information. “Because of this, we expect Attract to expand our candidate pool, mitigating these growing concerns. Over the years, we've found lots of success just by simply communicating with candidates. This tool creates more of these opportunities."

What makes Attract the most effective solution?

Build Your Employer Brand

 Become an employer of choice in today’s hypercompetitive job market by building a strong organizational brand that attracts top talent. Demonstrate your organization’s values, and create a consistent experience for candidates so they know what to expect when they apply and work for your organization. 

Attract’s easy-to-use tools let you build custom landing pages, create forms and calls to action on your website, automate the collection of candidate information, and expand your candidate sourcing options. Candidates today have more employment opportunities than ever, and building a strong brand ensures top talent connects with your mission and your organization from the start. 

Source Top Talent

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes by automating candidate outreach with Attract. Instead of manually juggling several lead channels, use Attract to automatically find the best candidates across sources and engage them before they apply. 

Source candidates from past hiring cycles, and events, and use the database to find qualified prospects. With Attract’s rich feature set you can automate email sends to past applicants about new positions and personalize your entire candidate outreach. 

Better Candidate Engagement

Manage all your leads in a single cloud-based location and use the time saved to improve the candidate experience. Ensure the right hire is always a click away by tagging and organizing candidates for quick searchability, and send candidates email updates individually or in bulk. 

Attract allows you to be proactive and offer candidates timely communication and personalized messaging. By providing a more positive candidate experience, you develop a constant pipeline of talent and mitigate applicant attrition during recruitment. 

Measure Recruitment Effort ROI

Attract’s candidate relationship management software comes with analytics and reporting that make it easy to measure the impact of your sourcing and recruitment efforts. Identify the recruitment sources most likely to lead to a quality hire and leverage that data to target future efforts.

As soon as you begin candidate outreach, you can use Attract to report on recruiting metrics like open, click, and conversation rates for your emails and landing pages. Detailed reporting continues throughout the entire recruitment process giving you the ability to measure ROI. 

Learn More

With drastically fewer applicants per job today than in the past, finding and actively engaging the best candidates is a modern necessity. Attract is your modern solution. With easy-to-use education CRM software, you can effectively capture candidate leads, develop your brand, manage relationships, automate communications, and measure engagement data. 

For over 20 years, we’ve provided public sector organizations with effective solutions to support the entire employee lifecycle. We couldn't be prouder or more excited about the opportunity to support the public sector with Attract during a particularly competitive time in the labor market.

Discover the immediate impact Attract will make on your recruitment efforts by learning more about its features and tools or scheduling a demo today.


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